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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Women in Translation Month

Over at her blog, the blogger Biblibio is coordinating an effort to get more online critics/reviewers to discuss works in translation (the language of transference being up to each individual to determine) written by women.  It is a very worthwhile endeavor and while I'm going to be busy this month with my own year-long reviewing project, I do plan on at least covering these four works that have been translated into English, even though I've read three of them in their native language and one I do not own the English translation:

Minae Mizumura (Japan), A True Novel (I believe this was a finalist for one of the translation awards this year; I have intended to return to it for the past four months now and now's the perfect time)

Marie NDiaye (France), Three Strong Women (I read this first in French, then in translation, back when I was considering reviewing the most recent IMPAC Dublin Literary Prize finalists)

Elsa Morante (Italy), Arturo's Island (I read this in both Italian and English last year and meant to write a review then, so I'll probably re-read both editions and write a review)

Clarice Lispector (Brazil), The Hour of the Star (I read this in Portuguese and while it is available in English translation, I think it'll be more of a challenge to review the Portuguese edition)

In addition, here are works available in English translation that I reviewed earlier this year:

Can Xue (China), The Last Lover 

Kyung-sook Shin (South Korea), I'll Be Right There

Hilda Hilst (Brazil), With My Dog Eyes

Daša Drndić (Croatia), Trieste

Laura Restrepo (Colombia), Delirium

Should be interesting to see what others cover this month.  In addition, if I have time, I might write an article or three on non-Anglophone women writers whose works I wish would be translated into English.

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