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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some review plans for the rest of August

Although I've written over 80 reviews so far this year, I still have at least 60 more reviews to write if I'm going to meet my current goal of reviewing every book on this list and the eight Premio Alfaguara winners that I haven't already reviewed.  It is a daunting goal, but I do hope that by Christmas time it will be much easier than usual to assemble the various year-end Best of 2014 category posts, since there will already be written reviews of each book I want to laud.

Therefore, considering that there is only a few short weeks before the Booker Prize shortlist is announced, I would like to have read/reviewed the ones already released in the US by month's end.  That means reviewing works by Richard Powers, Karen Joy Fowler, Joshua Ferris, Niall Williams, and Paul Kingsnorth (to go with my already-posted review of Siri Hustvedt). 

I also want to "close down" the not-yet-reviewed titles contained in the link above, at least for January-April, and to have at least eight books per listed month reviewed by month's end.  In the next few hours, I'm going to review two July publications, Catherine Lacey's Nobody is Ever Missing and William T. Vollmann's Last Stories and Other Stories.  With luck, I will have reviewed a further 20 books, or just over one a day, by the 31st.

I have to rush to do this now because in the fall, my reading squirrels are going to want to spend more time gathering nuts and acorns and less time reading and reviewing for me.  But they are curious right now about all these squirrel references in the first 100 pages of Rachel Pollack's The Child Eater...

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