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Monday, July 18, 2022

Cambridge Medieval Classics

 While the majority of the bilingual lists I’ve posted lately are still adding volumes, the Cambridge Medieval Classics list is an example of a purportedly extensive bilingual series of Medieval Latin and Greek works from 350-1350 CE being cut short, in this case after nine volumes.  However, 8 out of these 9 volumes are readily available via POD publishing.  Below are the volumes before the series was cut short (there were at least three other volumes-in-progress that never were published under the Cambridge Medieval Classics aegis), with italics for the ones owned, bold for books owned and read, and plain for volumes not yet purchased.

1.  Peter Dronke (ed.), Nine Medieval Latin Plays (Latin)

2.  Fleur Alcock (ed.), Hugh Primas and the Archpoet (Latin)

3.  Johannes de Hauvilla, Architrenius (Latin)

4.  Dante Alighieri, Monarchia (Latin)*

5.  Dante Alighieri, De Vulgari Eloquentia (Latin)

6.  Gregory of Nazianzus, Autobiographical Poems (Greek)

7.  Elizabeth Jeffreys (ed.), Digenis Akritas (Greek)

8.  Dhuoda, Handbook for her Warrior Son:  Liber Manualis (Latin)

9.  Adelard of Bath, Conversations with his Nephew:  On the Same and the Different, Questions on Natural Science, and On Birds (Latin)

* Not available in paperback

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