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Thursday, July 07, 2022

I Tatti Renaissance Library

As is evidenced by the number of these posts over the past couple of months, I’ve lately been involved in collecting (and eventually, reading) volumes of certain classics in bilingual editions.  The I Tatti Renaissance Library, published by Harvard University Press since its inception in 2001, is one such list.  This series is devoted to publishing in Latin/English editions the Latin language works of many of the preeminent Renaissance thinkers.  Much of the literature presented here has never before been made available in English translation.  If I’ve read the volume, it’ll be listed in bold; italics for those owned but not yet fully read.

1.  Giovanni Boccaccio, Famous Women

2.  Marsilio Ficino, Platonic Theology  vol. I:  Books I-IV

3.  Leonardo Bruni, History of the Florentine People, Volume I:  Books I-IV

4.  Marsilio Ficino, Platonic Theology vol. II:  Books V-VIII

5.  Craig W. Kallendorf (ed.), Humanist Educational Treatises 

6.  Polydore Vergil, On Discovery

7.  Marsilio Ficino, Platonic Theology vol. III:  Books IX-XI

8.  Leon Battista Alberti, Momus

9.  Giannozzo Manetti, Biographical Writings

10. Cyriac of Ancona, Later Travels

11.  Francesco Petrarca, Invectives

12.  Pius II, Commentaries vol. I:  Books I-II

13.  Marsilio Ficino, Platonic Theology vol. IV:  Books XII-XIV

14.  Angelo Poliziano, Silvae

15.  Maffeo Vegio, Short Epics

16.  Leonardo Bruni, History of the Florentine People, Volume II:  Books V-VIII

17.  Marsilio Ficino, Platonic Theology vol. V:  Books XV-XVI

18.  Pietro Bembo, Lyric Poetry; Etna

19.  Gary R. Grund (ed.), Humanist Comedies

20.  Biondo Flavio,  Italy Illuminated, Volume I:  Books I-IV

21.  Angelo Poliziano, Letters, Volume I:  Books I-IV

22.  Giovanni Gioviano Pontano, Baiae

23.  Marsilio Ficino, Platonic Theology vol. VI:  Books XVII-XVIII

24.  Lorenzo Valla,  On the Donation of Constantine

25.  Teofilo Folengo, Baldo, Volume I:  Books I-XII

26.  JoAnn DellaNeva (ed.), Ciceronian Controversies

27.  Leonardo Bruni, History of the Florentine People, Volume III:  Books IX-XII; Memoirs

28.  Pietro Bembo, History of Venice, Volume I:  Books I-IV

29.  Pius II, Commentaries, Volume II:  Books III-IV

30.  Bartolomeo Platina, Lives of the Popes, Volume I:  Antiquity

31.  Bartolomeo Scala, Essays and Dialogues

32.  Pietro Bembo, History of Venice, Volume II:  Books V-VIII

33.  Nicolas of Cusa, Writings on Church and Reform

34.  Marsilio Ficino, Commentaries on Plato, Volume I:  Phaedras and Ion

35.  Christoforo Landino, Poems

36.  Teofilo Folengo, Baldo, Volume II:  Books XIII-XXV

37.  Pietro Bembo, History of Venice, Volume III:  Books IX-XII

38.  Jacopo Sannazaro, Latin Poetry

39.  Marco Girolamo Vida, Christiad

40.  Aurelio Lippo Brandini, Republics and Kingdoms Compared

41.  Francesco Filelfo, Odes

42.  Antonio Beccadelli, The Hermaphrodite 

43.  Florentius de Faxolis, Book on Music

44.  Federico Borromeo, Sacred Painting; Museum 

45.  Gary R. Grund (ed.), Humanist Tragedies

46. Giovanni Boccaccio, Genealogy of the Pagan Gods, Volume I:  Books I-V

47.  Bartolomeo Fonzio, Letters to Friends

48.  Lilia Gregorio, Modern Poets

49.  Lorenzo Valla, Dialectical Disputations, Volume I:  Book I

50.  Lorenzo Valla, Dialectical Disputations, Volume II:  Books II-III

51.  Marsilio Ficino, Conmmentaries on Plato, Volume II:  Parmenides, Part I

52.  Marsilio Ficino, Commentaries on Plato, Volume II:  Parmenides, Part II

53.  Giovanni Gioviano Pontano, Dialogues, Volume I:  Charon and Antonius 

54.  Michael Marcellus, Poems

55.  Francesco Filelfo, On Exile

56.  Paulo Giovio, Notable Men and Women of Our Time

57.  Girolamo Fracastoro, Latin Poetry

58.  Jacob Zabarella, On Methods, Volume I:  Books I-II

59.  Jacob Zabarella, On Methods, Volume II:  Books III-IV; On Regressions

60.  Lorenzo Valla, Correspondence 

61.  Elizabeth R. Wright (ed.), The Battle of Lepanto

62.  Coluccio Salutati, On the World and Religious Life

63.  Giovanni Gioviano Pontano, On Married Love; Eridanus

64.  Coluccio Salutati, Political Writings

65.  Cyriac of Ancona, Life and Early Travels

66.  Marsilio Ficino, On Dionysius the Aeropagite, Volume I:  Mystical Theology and The Divine Names, Part I

67.  Marsilio Ficino, On Dionysius the Aeropagite, Volume II:  The Divine Names, Part II

68.  Girolamo Savonarola, Apologetic Writings

69.  Ugolino Verino, Fiammetta; Paradise

70.  Aldius Manutius, The Greek Classics

71.  Giannozzo Manetti, A Translator’s Defense

72.  Francesco Petrarca, My Secret Book

73.  Giovanni Marrasio, Angelinetum and Other Poems

74.  Biondo Flavio, Rome in Triumph, Volume I:  Books I-II

75.  Biondo Flavio, Italy Illuminated, Volume II:  Books V-VIII

76.  Francesco Petrarca, Selected Letters, Volume I

77.  Francesco Petrarca, Selected Letters, Volume II

78.  Aldius Manutius, Humanism and the Latin Classics

79.  Giannozzo Manetti, Against the Jews and Gentiles:  Books I-IV

80.  Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plotinus, Volume IV:  Ennead III, Part I

81.  Giovanni Boccaccio, Genealogy of the Pagan Gods, Volume II:  Books VI-X

82.  Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plotinus, Volume V:  Ennead III, Part II and Ennead IV

83.  Pius II, Commentaries, Volume III:  Books V-VIII

84.  Ludovico Ariosto, Latin Poetry

85.  Giannozzo Manetti, On Human Worth and Excellence

86.  Angelo Poliziano, Greek and Latin Poetry

87.  Giovanni Gioviano Pontano, The Virtues and Vices of Speech

88.  Pier Candido, Lives of the Milanese Tyrants

89.  Angelo Poliziano, Miscellanies, Volume I

90.  Angelo Poliziano, Miscellanies, Volume II

91.  Giovanni Gioviano Pontano, Dialogues, Volume II:  Actius

92.  Giovanni Gioviano Pontano, Dialogues, Volume III:  Aegidius and Asinus

93.  Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola, Life of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; Oration

94.  Giovanni Gioviano Pontano, Ecologues; Gardens of the Hesperides

95.  Paolo Giovio, Portraits of Learned Men

96.  Leon Battista Alberti, Biographical and Autobiographical Writings

97.  Leon Battista Alberti, Dinner Pieces, Volume I (March 2024)

98.  Leon Battista Alberti, Dinner Pieces, Volume II (March 2024)

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