The OF Blog: A few stats and figures through five months of 2010

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A few stats and figures through five months of 2010

I meant to do this at 100 books, so I'll do it here and then waiting until I read 300 reads for this year before I provide figures for the intervening 130 books.  Interesting distortions here caused by my massive re-reading projects.  Due to the disproportionate amount of males that wrote the epic fantasies and SF series that I'm reviewing, the number of female authors dropped from nearly 1/4 of my total to around 16% of the total reads.  Same happened for the foreign language reads, as after the first 60 books read, I had read about half of those in Spanish compared to the rest of the languages combined. 

But with these distortions in mind, some interesting figures about my first 170 reads of this year:

Female authors/editors - 27

Spanish-language books - 37

Latin-language books - 2

French-language books - 2

Italian-language books - 2

Serbian-language books - 1

Portuguese-language books - 2

Non-fiction - 2

Collections/Anthologies - 20

Graphic Novels - 5

2010 Releases - 21

Debuts (any year) - 10

Some of the books occupy more than one category.

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