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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Must-read review of one of my favorite authors

Over the past few months, either in comments here or on Twitter, I've become aware of the outstanding work that Paul Charles Smith has done in reviewing books.  I'm not the person who throws praise around lightly, but I do believe that several of his recent reviews and columns have been among the best I've read online in quite some time (including my own articles, which tend to be shallower than his, I've noted).

Most recently, he took me up on my challenge to online reviewers to cover more Angela Carter and he just posted the first of several reviews in coming weeks, this one on her short story collection, Fireworks.  Go read it now and then go out and read some Angela Carter, OK?


Magemanda said...

I just want it known that I totally supported Paul before half of you even knew he existed :-p

Larry said...

Well, I knew of him from the comments he left at Jeff's blog, but not too well until recently, so you may have the honor of first discovery, I guess :P

Harry Markov said...

His reviews leave me with a mouth wide open. I totally want to run my blog the way he does. His work is outstanding.

Paul Smith said...

Oh, stop it you people or I shall develop a complex.

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