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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quiero leer en otros idiomas

After dozens upon dozens of short fictions read recently for Best American Fantasy 4, not to mention the still-ongoing re-reading/reviewing project, I want to take a quick break.  In particular, I want to read works that are not available in English, at least not yet.  Therefore, I am in the midst of reading (or re-reading, in one case), three books:

César Aira, Un episodio en la vida del pintor viajero (Spanish) - review possible.

David Soares, O Evangelho do Enforcado (Portuguese) - review of some sort most likely

Goran Petrović, Ситничарница Код срећне руке (Serbian); La Mano de la Buena Fortuna (Spanish; re-read) - commentary on translations possible in the next few days.

The Aira I suspect will be translated into English shortly, if it hasn't been under another name.  The Soares I believe might be worth translating, but there is the barrier of so many references to Portugal's rich history that might convince some publishers that dumb Anglos can't appreciate the fine mixture of history and fantasy that Soares has in his fictions.  The Petrović also might not ever be translated into English, which would be a crying shame, considering how good his works are in Spanish translation (and I'm using one of those translation to help me learn how to read Serbian).

So there likely will be some more moments of relative quiet this week.  That and I'll be watching matches from the Copa Mundial.  I have my priorities right.

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