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Friday, June 04, 2010


Although there may be the odd post here or there and maybe a 15-30 minute burst of activity on the networking sites or forums, I'm going to be largely offline through the 10th at least.  I have a self-imposed deadline for BAF 4 to meet and in addition, I'm juggling job applications, my recommittment to walking 1-1.5 hours at least 3x/week, moderate weight lifting, and other personal matters.  Some things have to give and since I love my endorphins, blogging is left holding the shortest straw.

I will say that it's nice to have already managed to walk 5 miles on a track surface at 3 mph with only mild soreness the next day.  I'm hoping to get back to walking upwards of 10 miles a day, 5 days a week.  In addition, I have this long-term goal of being stronger and weighing less than I did when I was 23 (I was benching 270 lbs. with free weights back then and my weight was right at 200 lbs.  I am a mesomorph when active, obviously) by the time that I am 40, or in 49 months.  I'm in the midst of beginning a "do-over" with my career and that extends to other things, such as wondering if I can ever be fit enough to play center midfielder on a pitch for a full 90 minutes and be as creative as I used to be.  A 30-something can dream, no?

So yeah, fewer reviews, fewer columns, and fewer books I will be reading these next few months (I'll still read more than 10, easily, however).  Might take up another language study program for the nights.  Fun stuff.

You?  Any of you doing a moderate-to-active exercise regimen? 


Cindy said...

I thought you were going to mention losing your smile or something and then it turned into a post about exercise!

On that note, I've been suffering from some lovely health issues for the past 2 months and people keep saying 'Oh exercise will help it'. So I've been trying all the walking, yoga, and pilates stuff. It's hard to get into a habit of doing it every day or more often because I'm not seeing any results as far as it "helping" but the main goal I'd love to get more walking in! However living in Seattle it's hills, hills and more hills. So I'll settle for what I"m doing now.

I think I'm done babbling.

Cindy said...

Totally random but the poll you have, there's a song about those books. I used to love them when I was little!

Mihai (Dark Wolf) said...

I play mini-football (soccer) twice a week. We have a city championship running for mini-football (6-a-side) in an autumn/spring system and when that one runs I play three times a week. I enjoy it a lot and I enjoy the beer after too. Although the beer isn't always fun since are a few guys that have only one subject to talk about :)
I hope to play it as long as possible, because it also compensates the time I spend in front of the PC.

N. R. Alexander said...

I blog on a moderate-to-active incline. :/

Luck with the fitness kick, Larry. Be seeing you around!

Fabio Fernandes said...

ME? HAH! I'm eating like an idiot! I should be swimming, but I stopped doing that in February. Much too stressed out here with classes, but we'thankfully we're getting to July holidays, and I will be able to walk and swim again.

And, since I can't get slave squirrels (there are none in Brazil) and monkeys aren't easy to get in São Paulo, I'll probably have to go to Rio to get a bunch of them and spent some time training them to do the collectivezombiemind thing the squirrels do to help you with your reviews!

Larry said...

Ha! No, I haven't "lost my smile," although I've lost yet one more reason (out of the few that remain) to watch pro wrestling anymore :P

Exercising helps with my moods more than anything else, since the weight loss aspect won't occur until I first gain weight from adding more muscle mass.

A song about Frog and Toad? Maybe I could download and add it to my Ipod to listen to while I walk.

Playing sports is always good for my mental health as well as my physical. Sometimes, I just want to compete and even, in the case of some assholes, mix it up a bit. Might explain my broken nose in the past :P

And Fábio, you don't need monkeys to try and take the place of squirrels. You could just employ Watermelon Woman. She'd probably be much nicer to look at as well ;)

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