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Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Plans

This year is likely going to see some experimentation.  I will be a regular over at Weird Fiction Review, contributing around two dozen commentaries on authors appearing in The Weird, starting with Augusto Monterroso in mid-January.  I also will be posting a lot of literary reviews and critical pieces at Gogol's Overcoat, likely starting this Friday (or next, if Paul is still working on the site) with regular Faulkner Fridays.

I do not plan on doing much speculative fiction reading/reviewing this year.  What I do will be posted here, outside of the previously-mentioned commitment to WFR, as the lit commentaries will be reserved for GO.  Posting may drop off some, as I will be writing 2-5 review pieces a week for several weeks at the other two places (and any print publications to which I may submit reviews).  I doubt I'll replicate 2011's 517 books read (I may be lucky if I pass 250, considering my current plans).  But I may have some fun, despite the possible curtailment of posting here.

One thing I'm toying with (don't know the location) is doing either a weekly or biweekly Monday feature on selected short fiction that I read from my subscriptions to The New Yorker, Conjunctions, and McSweeney's.  If I do this, it'll depend on my time and energy levels.

Also am considering dedicating the month of February to reading/commenting on the memoirs/writings of Grant, Sherman, Lincoln, and soldiers of the Civil War, as I've bought several Library of America editions of these works after some of us were talking about it on Twitter a couple of weeks ago.  If there's mutual interest, it could become a conversational series rather than strict reviews.  If this happens, it likely will be posted at GO instead of here (minus summary posts and links).

Could do a series later in the year on Nabokov, Twain, or others, but again, the location of those posts will be up in doubt.  There's a lot I want to do in 2012, but much of it may not happen here or will only be mirrored here after a delay.  But then again, plans do change and I could cover more speculative fiction than I currently envision.  However, chances are high that posting might become more infrequent in the coming months and that those who like what I do may have to follow a couple of sites to see me explore other facets of my reading/criticism.

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Jordan said...

Even though I started following this blog in 2007, I don't believe I've ever really followed for your take on spec fic, so I'm greatly anticipating your 2012 plans. Unfortunately, I'm woefully behind on my WFR readings, and your new contributions will only add to my pile!

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