The OF Blog: Ballantine Adult Fantasy covers, Part II

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ballantine Adult Fantasy covers, Part II

And here's part II. Hope these cover art images do not scar you for life.

Trippy.  It's like a slinky man inside of the woman while a butterfly and a unicorn are inside of another.

I've always wondered why giant birds prefer virginal women.  Can someone explain this to me?

I think someone was on acid when designing that attire for that woman in the corner.  Oh, and there's a definite bird fetish going on in these covers.

It's a stairway to heaven and I think the spider is taking it.  The wizard can't seem to decide between the sea serpent and the ship. 

Goes to show that the misappropriation of non-Western motifs can be a very, very, very bad idea.  Almost as bad as the butterfly dude on the second cover.

Giant cobra temple/queen or flame-breathing swan:  can't decide which is more frightening to contemplate.

Didn't know horses like to eat peacock shrubs.  Or maybe those are just the dude to the right on the first cover's camouflaged brethren?

Oily sea serpents and fish with wings...okay, was LSD really that good back in the 60s and early 70s?

Yes, next time you want crab meat, remember that they too are the spawn of Cthulhu. 

There's a battle raging, but what the hell is up with the hog?


Brian Murphy said...

Yes, some pretty bad artwork here, but I'd love to own these titles (I've got a few, including the highly recommended Hrolf Kraki's Saga). Do you own all these?

Lsrry said...

I own all the ones pictured here, or slightly less than half of the total series. I bought most of these used for $2-7 from Amazon. Eventually, I'll read them all and maybe review some of them, as the covers are a small part of the tale to be told.

Unknown said...

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Lsrry said...

Not interested.

Oliver said...

"I've always wondered why giant birds prefer virginal women. Can someone explain this to me?"

Yes, that's easy.
See, it's somewhat like dirty trousers. You put on your trousers, go out into the mud, do stuff that gets your trousers muddy, and what happens? Your muddy trousers gained weight. Stuff that gets dirty weights more.
Now, compare a virgin to a non-virgin. The virgin is pure (of heart, soul & whatnot), the non-virgin is not pure, she's kinda dirty. She gains weight (sooner or later). See the egypt psychostasia: If one did bad stuff, the heart gets heavy, the soulscale goes down and off to hell with you!
So, giant birds prefer virginal women, because they're easier to carry off.


Oh, and the art work is ... eh ... well, giant birds wouldn't prefer it at all.


Eric M. Edwards said...

Put all together like that, they're rather far out.

I like it.

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