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Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Gloriously Awful Cover Art Caption Contest

Earlier today, I went to my grandmother's house to sort through her book collection in preparation for selling the unwanted books in an estate sale later this month. While I was going through the 700-800 books that she owned, I selected 12 books to keep per family agreement. Most of these are SF/Fantasy books from the 1960s, including four Ace Double and while some of the authors are well-renowned today, I was struck by how strange and often cheesy much of the cover art was.  Although I am no Good Show, Sir, I thought it might be fun to post images of each book (even the non-horrid ones) and allow readers to write the funniest, wittiest, most damning comments on the covers that they can.  So without further ado, fourteen images of sixteen covers on twelve books (yes, that really is what I said).  Enjoy?


Harry Markov said...

Actually, some of these are pretty good, though I am a sucker for the 60s art. There is some sort of great appeal to everything from that era for me. I mean, excluding the bad stuff.

Carl V. said...

Beyond Tomorrow, Battle on Venus, and Orbit 3 are actually ones I would buy just because of the cover art. Like Harry mentioned I do like some of this old stuff as well. Paul Lehr, the artist on the Orbit book, is a personal favorite.

Gotta say that Beyond Tomorrow makes me think of "aggressive sperm" comments. :)

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