The OF Blog: Ballantine Adult Fantasy covers, Part I

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ballantine Adult Fantasy covers, Part I

I was asked several days ago if I would ever post the Ballantine Adult Fantasy covers I have, after mentioning that I had several on Westeros. Although I think I posted most of these before at some point, I thought I'd post them in two parts, with a few captions added this time. Enjoy?

Nothing says the '60s like women wearing a flowing rainbow, unless one likes the Land'o'Lakes princess looking at her reflection.

There's a decipher why these colors were chosen.

Eve:  Butterfly Princess?  And let's not try to think about the second cover much.

I guess battling sea serpents brings all the little people to the yard.

The first cover takes "gravity defying" to a whole new level.  The second just makes me want to sing "London Bridge."

There be gnomes!  And now featuring the worst phallic image I've ever seen on a book cover.

I think the unicorn has more scales than the giant snake.  Some gardens just are weirder than others.

If you stare at it long enough, it might make sense.  Or you might go blind.  Your choice.


Rarebit Fiend said...

The "Something About Eve" cover is a later reprint by Ballantine- the cover from the original run is different.

As an avid James Branch Cabell fan and Ballantine Adult Fantasy series collector I am shocked that you don't care for the covers very much. But then again, I love psychedelia.

I recently read about someone not caring for the sixties Ballantine covers for LotR as well. Different Strokes!

Anonymous said...

Is this blog still active? I don't see any recent posts. The covers are beautiful and are part of the BAF's magic. I need to complete my BAF collection and have about 40 doubles to trade for the ones I"m missing. Any takers? Thanks, Holden

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