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Sunday, January 22, 2012

One of the funniest newspaper clips I've read in some time!

I saw this on a friend's Facebook wall and I couldn't resist snatching this image and posting it here.  Apparently there is news to be reported when cows are assaulted by burros and die from it.  The parts in red are the best, of course.  "the Municipality considers that the cow provoked the ass" and "it was around a young burro, with much strength, and of course the cow left itself completely nude with its teats to the air, well of course it [the donkey] left its mother and charged."

There are some sad realities embedded in that, but oh how odd this story reads!


Anubis said...

Sad realities indeed. Che vaca te digo, la verdad infame es q a las victimas humanas de la violencia sexual su humanidad tampoco las sirve mucho, asi q son incriminadas por compartirse de una manera indecente igual.

Larry said...

Te acuerdo. Es una problema que para algunos, la violenca sexual es "she asked for it." Aunque la situación con la vaca y el esno es divertido en un nivel, en otros, no puedo reír, porque la excusa "ella tenía sus tetas al aire" es debil. A veces, los hombres piensen como los asnos y las mujeres (quienes que se llaman "las vacas") sufren.

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