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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

António Lobo Antunes

Received two recently-released (2008) English translations of Portuguese author António Lobo Antunes' work, Knowledge in Hell (originally published in 1980) and What Can I Do When Everything's On Fire? (2001) today. I came across the first book when reading through the Reading the World list for 2008 titles and when I ordered it at Amazon, the second book appeared as an "Also by..." I looked at its description and it seemed like just the thing for me.

There might be a chance of at least a brief review of one or both of these books before year's end, but if there are any who are familiar with Antunes' work, feel free to weigh in with impressions. I read that much of his work is influenced by his time serving in the Portuguese Army in Angola, as well as by his reading of William Faulkner, but if there are other influences, please let me know!


O Assistente said...

Sorry, not my cup of tea, I just happen to find his books to be dreadfully boring, but I don't doubt the English language will be able to take all the boredom out of the Portuguese and turn his prose INTERESTING.

Anonymous said...

I have Boa Tarde às Coisas Aqui em Baixo (in Italian).
I don't know when I'll get around to reading tbr pile has snow on its top.

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