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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

October 17-November 17 books read

Not as much time for reading this past month (and likely not until the final two weeks of the year, so it'll be a close call as to whether or not I get past #366, which is my goal for the year):

October 17-31

320 Matthew Stover, Caine Black Knife - Reviewed this. Too lazy to look up the link now. Liked it a helluva lot.

321 Javier Negrete, Alejandro Magno y las águilas de Roma - Ditto.

322 Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet - This was a great inspirational read for me.

323 Ian C. Esslemont, Return of the Crimson Guard - better than his first novel, but there's something about it that isn't quite clicking with me still. Decent to good, but nothing spectacular about it.

324 Daren Simkin, The Traveler - One of the short, reflective tales that are designed to make one think. It made me think a bit, so it was a worthwhile reading experience.

325 Andrzej Sapkowski, Blood of Elves - Already reviewed it. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

November 1-17

326 Cyril Pedrosa, Three Shadows - Poignant, sometimes sad graphic novel. Glad I read it.

327 Gabriel García Márquez, La hojarasca (re-read from 2007) - Very early Macondo novel. Good read, but sad, like most of Gabo's novels.

328 Paul Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory - World War I as a literary/cultural history. This book is a classic of the field and deservedly so.

329 Gabriel García Márquez, El coronel no tiene quien le escriba (re-read from 2007) - Haunting, damning, with a killer closing line. Sound familiar, Gabo fans?

330 Andrzej Sapkowski, Bautismo de fuego - Fifth out of seven books in the Saga of Geralt de Rivia, this was a fine middle volume, with Regis stealing the show at times.

331 Gabriel García Márquez, Los funerales de la Mamá Grande - Collection of short stories that mostly revolve around Macondo. Good, but not his best work.

332 Gabriel García Márquez, La mala hora - This 1962 novel about divisions in Macondo is Gabo's best pre-Cien años de soledad work.

333 Roberto Bolaño, Estrella distante - Will review in the future, after another book of his is read, but it's safe to say that Bolaño has become one of my favorite Latin American authors.

334 Federico Fernández Giordano, El libro de Nobac - Might review this in the future, but this was a really intriguing mystery/metaphysics story. Enjoyed reading it quite a bit.

335 R. Scott Bakker, The Judging Eye - Will review this in the future. Worthy installment to one of my favorite epic fantasies.

In Progress:

Gabriel García Márquez, Cien años de soledad (re-read from 2004, 2007)

Javier Negrete,

Kelly Link, Pretty Monsters

Jeff VanderMeer, Predator: South China Sea

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