The OF Blog: Daryl Gregory wins Crawford Award for debut novel

Monday, January 12, 2009

Daryl Gregory wins Crawford Award for debut novel

From Locus Online:

Daryl Gregory's Pandemonium (Del Rey) is the winner of the 2009 Crawford Award for best first fantasy. Other titles on this year's shortlist are Alive in Necropolis, Doug Dorst (Riverhead); Superpowers, David Schwartz (Three Rivers); Thunderer, Felix Gilman (Bantam Spectra); and Last Dragon, J.M. McDermott (Wizards of the Coast). The award will be presented at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, March 18-22, in Orlando, Florida. Details of the conference are at
While I haven't yet gotten around to reading Gregory's book, I do have a copy, plus I have read Gilman and McDermott's efforts and thought highly enough of each to include them in my roundup of the best debut novels of 2008 that I had read. Might have to read the Schwartz and Dorst sometime, once I start buying more books again (I'm putting a 2-3 near-moratorium on purchases to make sure I have enough money for doctor's bills in case I elect to have left knee surgery in February or March).

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