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Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to destroy a (wannabe) writing career

Nick Mamatas has all the relevant links.

I have to admit it's rather funny to an extent, someone signing his name to one of those "I wish you would die" comments that typically are anonymous, then have the recipient, an editor who has some connections within the short fiction, GLBT fiction, and speculative fiction communities, search through his email and discover that the person submitting said request had written him a short time before, complaining about a negative comment (not even a formal review) that he had given that other person's story!

But I have to say, like so many others have said, it sounds as though this Kevin W. Reardon (aka Cole A. Adams) has thoroughly fucked up any chance of him getting a writing career established.  Couldn't have happened to a "better" person, no?

And that concludes the PSA/Laugh at the Dipshit post of the week.


Mulluane said...

It was pretty funny until I got to the part where the jerk actually leveled death threats against the editor.

Then it evolved into just plain scary, and all over the guy saying he didn't like the writer's opening? Give me a break, nobody needs to be that sensitive or take things that far...ever!

Lsrry said...

True. Some people just don't know how to take criticism of any sort. Then again, I work in a profession where receiving positive comments is such an anomaly that I am not sure if I would know how to act then! :P

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