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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old poll results, new poll up

Recently, I ran the following poll:

Which 2008 books do you think are most likely to make the Nebula/Hugo/World Fantasy shortlists? (multiple choices allowed)

Ursula Le Guin, Lavinia
32 (46%)
Jeffrey Ford, The Shadow Year
8 (11%)
Kay Kenyon, A World Too Near
2 (2%)
Joe Abercrombie, Last Argument of Kings
22 (31%)
Lou Anders (ed.), Fast Forward 2
5 (7%)
Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (eds.), The New Weird
17 (24%)
Margo Lanagan, Tender Morsels
6 (8%)
Cory Doctorow, Little Brother
26 (37%)
Neal Stephenson, Anathem
42 (60%)
Thomas Disch, The Wall of America
5 (7%)
Ellen Datlow (ed.), The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy
3 (4%)
Gene Wolfe, An Evil Guest
16 (23%)
Other/None of the Above
8 (11%)

Now I have a new poll up, this time on a book to review next weekend. Curious to see what people will choose there.


Liviu said...

I chose 2666 since it's one book that should be reviewed and known as widely as possible.

I enjoyed a lot all of the books on the list that I read - Brett, Philips, Eliott, Gilman, and Bolano - and I plan to read Fox/Brenchley soon, just that I binged and read all his previous - 8 (US ed.) - fantasy novels in December.

Robert put up my review for Engine's Child sometime ago, and I did the ones for Brett and Eliott but they will be up close to the US pub date, while he reviewed Gilman and Fox.

Engine's Child was probably the biggest positive surprise for me in 2008 in fantasy and I enjoyed it the most of the genre novels on the list.

Gilman's book reminded me of Wolfe Long Sun + Short Sun series and inspired me to start a (re)reading project of the 7 books in the cycle which I plan to finish by mid-year - almost done with book 2 for now

Anonymous said...

2666. Haven`t seen that one reviewed very much. Not on those blogs I follow, that is:)

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