The OF Blog: Yet another "I'm sick and tired of so-called Martin 'fans' bitching and moaning"

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yet another "I'm sick and tired of so-called Martin 'fans' bitching and moaning"

I originally wasn't going to post anything in regards to the recent spate of blog entries defending George R.R. Martin's delays in getting his fifth A Song of Ice and Fire book, A Dance with Dragons, published. But then today, I received one of those emails.

You might know the type. The OC-type of enraged "fan" that in some cases is but a step or two away from being a deranged stalker. One that decides that even forum moderators who may or may not have even said anything remotely positive about the author's work deserves to be called out on the carpet. One just like this confused, enraged individual, whose name I will not reveal, lest that person get some sense of satisfaction from the publicity this might give:

You introduced me to George "The Vending Machine" Martin

Just wanted to let you know. Several years ago on the WOT site you really pimped TVM to be a very good writer not out to screw his fanbase. Well, thanks for the recommendation. He is a real piece of work. Before the series is done I am positive he will have stamped his name on every available item he can put his hands on. Even now he is peddling major water damaged games from his basement for only 20 bucks each. What a wonderful man he is. Do you have any insight on how much crap merchandise fans have to buy before he will finally release the next book?

Uh...uh...what the hell? Why would I be "deserving" of receiving the rantings of someone who apparently is a bit off-kilter? Why would I give a rat's ass or two shits from said rat's ass about this person's opinions? Why would this person, whose name I do not even recognize (and probably never knew the screen name handle from however many years ago it was, if I even said anything about Martin - considering he's never been my favorite fantasy author or close to it, despite my continued opinion that he does write above-average prose), get so hot and bothered about everything?

Why am I finding myself wondering if this person has a few screws left?

Who would want to put up with this shit?

I think my answer will be nice and concise.


It's all (and perhaps more than) such possible contaminants to the gene pool deserve.


Anonymous said...

Don't lie, Larry. You know you get royalties every time something licensed by GRRM is sold. You shower yourself with money and cackle, I'll wager.

I can't begin to imagine how much cash you'll reap when the VanderMeer stuff hits the market!

Larry Nolen said...


I'm a teacher. I think I'm sworn to near-poverty or something...

Anonymous said...

What is these people's problem? If the next George R R Martin book isn't out yet, just read something else! You'd think there were no other books out there.

Larry Nolen said...

I agree, plus I'm still wondering why those who don't have a damn time to do with the author's writing have to suffer from misguided frustration. But I guess at least this person was right to "thank" me...since there had to be some enjoyment somewhere along the line.

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