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Saturday, May 09, 2009


The title pretty much says it all. Not much time for doing anything the next couple of weeks (job changeover preparations, final exams to administer and grade, that sort of thing), coupled with the lingering effects of the latest round of sinus/lung problems (wouldn't surprise me if it were the same microbe returning again and again despite the antibiotics I've taken for at least 1/3 of the time over the past 90 days). No reviews written for books that I wanted to have reviews written for. The number of books read this week is really low for me and next week doesn't promise to be much better. Haven't had the time to put into writing anything really interesting here nor to respond to the emails and comments here that I really should have done days ago.

But I think after I go back to bed again, I'm going to spend much of the day there. After having a tornado warning strike my school just before my last (and worst-behaved) class was to be dismissed and having to stay with them almost an extra two hours that were full of complaining and whining about wanting to walk out into a threatening storm...I just don't have the energy to do much else these days, except I guess to whine a little bit here as well. Oh well. Might post some book porn pictures tomorrow, might wait until Sunday or even later. At least I have some interesting purchases and review copies to show, ones that do reflect one of the results of last week's post.

Ciao. I need my rest. But before I go, a picture that has multiple layers of interpretation:


Harry Markov said...

Larry, just get well man and screw the reviews until your lungs and sinuses get better, because once they start aching you ain't typing as much. Plus coupled with so much out-of-blog activity, you're bound to worsen matter by trying to review. We will be patient. :) Don't worry.

Daniel Soler said...

As one school teacher to another: take care of your health first and foremost. I know what those emergency situations are like, too: we had a bomb threat during state testing that sent the kids outside under nasty rain, and maintaining organization took some effort. To your health, sir.

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