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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wherever there are kids...

...a golden age exists.

This quote by Novalis is cited in the introduction to Platero y yo, by Spanish Nobel Prize-winning author Juan Ramón Jiménez. Just something that struck me as I just now have begun reading this excellent 1914 children's book (now in a new illustrated edition that came out in Spanish late last year). I've been reading more and more children's and YA literature the past couple of years. I wonder if that "golden age" exists not just in a temporal sense of one's age, but rather in the mindset of one who not only remembers being a child, but understands what being a child is like even now at whatever "grown-up" age that person might have.

Hopefully, there will be a golden age for decades to come for me. Ever experience anything like this with your readings?

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Anonymous said...

I believe there's a book called The Princess Bride which is exactly about that.

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