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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today's book haul

While I'll be making another post soon (likely tomorrow) for the rest of the week's purchases and review copies, just thought I'd show what happens when I walk into a bookstore with money to spare and with a desire to buy what catches my fancy. Not going to be giving much in the way of specific explanations, other than to say that I've found myself wanting to: 1) Read some religious commentary, 2) Sample more literary journals, and 3) Read more libros en español. In addition, since Del Rey hasn't (yet) sent me a copy of his second novel revolving around the American Revolution being fought with the aid of magic users, I also bought a copy of C.C. Finlay's A Spell for the Revolution. Planning on reading that and most (if not all) of the others in the next few weeks. I think the titles should be clear from the pictures, but if not, just let me know and I'll pass along the name. Each of the journals is for a Spring/Summer 2009 issue.

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The Mad Hatter said...

That's quite a haul especially if it isn't even all of it. I thought I was bad.

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