The OF Blog: A few late-night thoughts: The All Souls' Day Edition

Monday, November 02, 2009

A few late-night thoughts: The All Souls' Day Edition

Spent some of Saturday and most of yesterday in bed, coughing and vomiting a few times.  It's either a bad sinus infection developing, or I have a mild case of food poisoning (no fever, so I doubt it was the flu).  Ribs hurt like a mutha, though.  Not good.

Been reading the Library of America anthologies of Philip K. Dick's work.  Conflicted feelings so far.  Sometimes, he creates something wonderful to consider, then a few pages later the writing is very craptastic.

Also been reading some of William Faulkner's earliest works.  Interesting to see how his style developed in the 1920s.  Didn't like the first few stories in that Library of America edition, but The Sound and the Fury is all sorts of awesome for me.

Glanced over a few forums this weekend, amazed by how little I cared.  While Westeros still has some interesting content, sad to see just how quickly the wotmania replacement, Read and Find Out, has shrunk in participation.  Of course, I could deign to participate, but I don't feel like posting much anywhere these days, plus I don't care to post mirrors of posts here, lest a few benighted souls think that I'm out to "steal" their audience.  I am beginning to think that this blog and a few related ventures should be all I do for a while, since I'm struggling as it is to find ways to avoid working on my day job 24/7.

Speaking of "related ventures," I keep having problems thinking of how to start this one essay.  Of course, I do have a better topic header now and once I feel better (tomorrow?), I hope to get it wrapped up quickly.

I hate this time of year.  The leaves falling and the typically dreary early November Tennessee weather seem to aid any depressive spells I have.  Bad enough that I had to struggle through one from late July through the middle of October, don't need the weather and my sinus problems to add to it.

More thoughts later.  I feel sleepy enough to try sleeping again.  Fitting that this is posted on All Souls' Day, I suppose, since I feel half-dead at the moment.


Unknown said...

Hope you start to feel better.Its cold as all get out over here is Seoul around 29 degrees. It is to the bone cold. Stay in bed and read some more. Nothing wrong with that.

Lsrry said...

It's been in the low 40s for the lows recently, which is bad enough for me, since I tend to get sinus problems when the highs don't reach 70. While reading is tempting, I think crashing for a day or two and sleeping 10-11 hours might be better for me.

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