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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Upcoming attractions

Just over a month remaining in the year.  The past couple of years have seen December pack in more posts and features than the other months and I hope to continue that this year, although time/energy concerns may put a damper on some of my goals.  But here are a few things I hope to do in the coming weeks:

  • Have 2-3 more articles up here related to the post I made on the Nebula Awards blog on international SF.  Had hoped to have had a follow-up by Sunday, but that just won't happen.  Perhaps by Tuesday.
  •  Write at least 2-3 more short commentaries on books listed in the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks series.  Finished re-reading Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes and will very shortly finish reading Lord Dunsany's Time and the Gods collection, with possible short reviews up by the weekend.
  •  Perhaps 1-3 more reviews of 2009 releases.  I did agree to read/review Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey (the first book of his I will read), so perhaps that review will be up in the next couple of weeks.  I believe this book is scheduled to be released just after Christmas.
  •  Starting a little before Christmas and ending on New Year's Eve, I plan on expanding my Best of 2009 posts.  I will cover Anthologies and Short Story Collections, Graphic Novels, YA literature, Translated Fiction, 2009 Fiction Read in Spanish and Portuguese, Debut Novels, Non-Speculative Fiction, SF/F Non-Fiction, and my Top 25 Reads of 2009 (both speculative and non-speculative fiction alike).  Hopefully I will have one of the more comprehensive year-end assessments out there.  One does need lofty goals, no?


Roberto Bilro Mendes said...


I´m a portuguese sf fan and editor of the only portuguese magazine dedicated to sf and fantasy.

I've just finished reading “International SF” and Problems of Identity. It is a great article, i would like to have it translate and to publish it in "Dagon", the magazine i edit. It would be fantastic if you give me permission to do so. I'm very interested in the internacional science fiction theme, so i´ve already talked to Lavie Tidhar (The apex book of world Science Fiction) in order to make an interview with him.

Please respond to the mail:

I will wait for your answer ansxiosly.

Roberto Mendes

Lsrry said...


Sent you the mail as requested. If this translation happens to be posted online, I'd love to post a link back to it.

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