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Friday, November 27, 2009

Two bookcases full of books

After seeing a few posts on a few forums lately about how people organize their books, I thought I'd upload pictures of 7 shelves' worth of books from two of my eleven bookcases (which incidentally shelve only about half of the books I own.  I believe there's somewhere between 150-175 books pictured here).

Some of these books have been in the same places for over a year now; some less than an hour at the time of this posting.

Can you detect general patterns yet in my shelving?

Really, there is a pattern, just not a common one.

Is it by gender?

Hrmm....maybe not, or at least not strictly by gender...

Perhaps part of the organization is by religious subject matter or by language?

What would Mother Theresa make of being shelved between books by Pope Benedict XVI and St. Teresa of Ávila?

What significance is there to having the Catechism next to Sapkowski's work, which in turn is followed by that of Michael Cisco?

How comfortably can Calvino, Eggers, and Crowley rest with Abercrombie's books in their midst?

From Spiegelman to Gaiman to Camus to Ballard - are we running the gamut yet?

Is there any importance to be placed on all of Proust being together, along with Rushdie and some other thick books?

Outside of the Moorcock and Mahfouz, is there any semblance of order here on the bottom shelf of my second bookcase?

The final set of books.  Have you detected the pattern(s) that have emerged over the course of seven shelves and two bookcases (there is/are at least one)?


Fabio Fernandes said...

HAH! You just managed to drive me crazy! :-0 I can´t find any discernible pattern at first sight - and you smart observations certainly don´t help either, mister! (although I´m still fuzzy-minded with the meds, and green with envy for all your books... ;-)

Adam B To The A-B-C said...

Is it something to do with breasts? If not, you got me stumped, broseph!

Lsrry said...


I tend to organize books in non-repeating "wave" patterns. I don't like a monotony of height/color/or even authors to appear. Does that help cure your temporary craziness? :P

D said...

You might have enough books to make a rainbow shelf library! Do it do it do it! :D

Lsrry said...


How about I send you enough differently-colored books so you can do it for me? ;)

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