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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A third bookshelf now photo-cataloged

Nine pictures this time.

A few Spanish books, and then...

...what could be that book on the far right?

Beauty, ugliness, or something else?

What possible connections exist between these books?

Surely there are some reasons why certain books here are beside each other, no?

Or maybe not...

Well, at least four of these books have something in common, no?

But what connections exist with these?

Yes.  I put those two books side-by-side and the world did not explode.  Amazing.

So, figured out my ordering system(s) here?


Camilla said...

I don't recognise enough of the titles to give a theory of organisation in general, but I imagine Jasper Fforde and Derrida are quite happy together.

Fabio Fernandes said...

At least one of the shelves is organized by genre or subgenre; I´d say the first is (loosely) about religion, the second one is a mix (I noticed the interesting "Borges y la Ciencia Ficción"); the fifth photo shows mostly horror/dark/gothic/noir/proto-weird SF/what-you-have-it (Saki is a great storyteller, and fun as hell). As for the other shelves - hah, your ordering system is a random Dada one! :-D

Lsrry said...

Actually, none of the shelves are ordered strictly by any single principle; I don't think I have more than 3-4 related works side-by-side on any of those. Closest to it would be the organization by language, as I do keep all my Spanish-language works shelved together and I do have a shelf and a half devoted to Alfaguara covers, but that's as close as it comes.

The book on Borges is indeed interesting; meant to review it last summer and was too swamped to do so.

And yes, there is a sort of Dadaist approach to this. Think of waves and it'll become more apparent.

Anonymous said...

Clearly organized by squirrels. JV

Lsrry said...


There's a lot of truth to this. I have a cast-iron squirrel on top of that bookcase, oddly enough. The squirrel does give its blessing to the ordering of the books there.

Joe said...

Your shelves would drive me nuts. If I purchase additional shelves I may break out fiction and non-fiction and non-fiction by subject, but my fiction HAS to be alphabetical by author.

It just has to be.

Lsrry said...

I've always described myself as being "creatively organized," so it shouldn't be a surprise that my method-in-madness approach would baffle and/or irritate a few, no? :P

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