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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So what have you been doing lately?

Yeah, been a very slow month here.  Mind's preoccupied with several matters, most of them quite good, actually.  But the fact remains that it's kinda quieter here than usual (which probably will last to the end of the month).  In the meantime, never hurts to ask what readers here have been doing.  Any projects, recent reads, goals, things of that nature to share, perhaps in hopes of generating a response from another?

Other bloggers reading this, perhaps they might respond with a link to what they've been doing?  Oh, and please don't link me to that horrid discussion going on at a certain blog where low-lives seem to have decided that they can rip into the (absent) blog owner just because he got permission to post an excerpt of a well-known author's work.  Some things tend to dissuade people from giving any sort of voice to readers, when some feel they can hide behind the "Anonymous" label and post such.  Tempted again to restrict that again (haven't only because of a couple of people I know who usually don't use Blogger for comments whose opinions I value), but since I'm quiet and not posting excerpts from an author with whom a few deluded souls seem to have this S&M-style love/hate relationship, I shouldn't have anything to worry about, no?

Anyways, whatcha up to these days?  I'll just note that besides work and BAF, I decided that I wanted to learn the elements of yet another language.  So I started studying Attic and Koine Greek, because I can.  You?


Harry Markov said...

In real life I have been tackling my exams and have been winning this war against numbers and formulas. I have also been waiting on the Gods of Employment to stop toying with me and announce whether I will work what I want and when I want it or will I be stuck with plan B.

Reading-wise, I have been on a frenzy with various comic book mini-series and series in general like I Kill Giants, Madame Mirage and Fables. I have been reading books, but as it turns out February will be the Fantasy [as in epic, traditional] month.

Blogging-wise, I have been having that Comic Book Month, but I have a few troubles that will result in a detailed how-to post about event hosting.

I also wanted to write fiction, but because of the first three activities I had no frigging time.

Fabio Fernandes said...

Translating like crazy and reading a lot for BAF. Also reading almost a book a day, something I hadn't been able to do for a very long time now.

I also started swimming again, and I even managed to lose some weight! Not much, but I'm in no hurry - must do things right, no stress.

And, just like Harry, no frigging time to write fiction. But I believe I'll be able to do that in February.

Gabriele Campbell said...

Heh, they've found a new enemy. After the spammer apologised in Pat's latest post - and kudos to him for having the courage to do that - someone now got the idea it was I who's behind the spam in order to force Pat to moderate comments. *shakes head*

What I'm doing? Well, posting the odd snip about Roman or Medieaval history, illustrated with photos from my travels. Researching the Varus battle - the 2000 year anniversary last year has brought a shelf full of new books I have to go through for some essays I plan to write, plus my novel-in-progress about Arminius. Studying archaeology, doing some freelance translation and editing work ... and sometimes I even eat or sleep :)

Unknown said...

Well, let's see.

1. I have five books to review (one isn't really a review, but an explanation of why I couldn't get past chapter one...people need to learn the "show, don't tell" rule really bad). A sixth book is on the way. Thus far, I'm ahead of my goal to read a book a week, not including school books. That's a good thing.
(One book you might like is by the fellow who did Big Fish (Daniel Wallace?), called Ray in Reverse. It's interesting.)

2. Got a movie review coming up for Youth In Revolt. Cute movie. Also reviewed The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus not too long ago. You should see it. It's brilliant.

3. I'm blogging about random stuff at this point, particularly magical realism (and, since you probably read more in that genre than I do, you should pop on over and read my post about it and offer your opinion).

4. I'm gearing up to present a paper on Philip K. Dick and Battlestar Galactica in February (10-13th, in Albuquerque). Should be fun.

Beyond that? I don't know if I'm doing anything other than studying Lacan, reading a lot of novels by African authors from the continent, and other personal stuff that I don't talk about on the Internet because it's the Internet.

Oh, I am writing! Lots of writing. Actually, I posted two parts of a story to help raise money for Haiti. I don't know if you'd be interested in those, though. They're murder mysteries set in a world where animals can talk. The main character is a detective who happens to be a cat. They're fun to write and, hopefully, to read.

And now I'll shut up!

Read anything interesting as of late?

Anonymous said...

I was a little concerned, since I'd read you had a problem with your arm, and then no posting. Currently, I'm taking my sweet time enjoying Daniel Abraham's Long Price quartet. Its been a while since I was this into something I was reading.

Chad Hull said...

I've been blogging irreverently about fan involvement in the creative process.

Also I've been in a rut reading The Swan Thieves. My review is forthcoming. Anyone who loved The Historian, and may be curious about the author's follow up book... you don't need to be in a hurry.

Eddie said...

Got into a PhD programme in law. On the other side of the world. Guess I'd better start liking Canadian winters...

RobB said...

RL - Build a new line of business in my company.

Reading/Net Life - I've been reading a certain anthology that's been causing a ruckus along with a re-read of the entire Wheel of Time

Lsrry said...

Cool stuff, everyone! Some of which makes me look even more like the professional slacker that I am! :P

Wrist update: X-rays today. No fracture, but I have strained ligaments and tendons, so I have to wear bandages for the next several weeks at least. Limited typing as well. Joy.

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