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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Category, New Place for Blogging

Been very, very busy the past couple of days (oh, and I'm posting this early in the morning because I crashed after work, in case you're wondering at the time stamp here).  Between work-related and (now) anthology-related readings, not much time for blogging.

Do want to note two things, however, both of which are related. The first is that after the official announcement that I was the new series editor for Best American Fantasy (well, at least for BAF4), the previous series editor (who is still a consultant), Matthew Cheney, added me to the team list for the Best American Fantasy blog.  In the near future, I will be making posts there related to the anthology series, with only brief mentions or links here, so I suggest people bookmark the link above and visit it in the near future, as hopefully there will be some interesting content to be posted there (of course, this depends on whether or not I am interesting, no?).

Secondly, there is a new category of links.  Although I'm not going to duplicate in full the list that will be available on the BAF blogroll, I did want to highlight just a few of the magazines (and e-zines) and lit journals that I read and will be reading heavily these next few months.  I will be adding a few more here, but a fuller list will be found at the BAF blog.  Do check these out, as many post original content there and perhaps you'll get a jump on reading a story that might just make it into the BAF series before any of us editors get around to reading it...

So yeah, while the pruning will still continue here and there, there will be added, new content to make up for it.  Now back to wondering just how much of that damn snow I'll have to deal with on Thursday...

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