The OF Blog: Interview and two reviews

Monday, August 16, 2010

Interview and two reviews

First off, I was interviewed recently by Tibor Moricz of From Bar to Bar.  It is one of the rare interviews of me that have been done and hopefully this will be of some interest to readers.  In addition, there is a photo representing me there, so feel free to tell me if that is how you've all imagined how I looked!

Also, this weekend I posted two more reviews of books from the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks list over at SFF Masterworks:

Tim Powers, The Anubis Gates 

Lord Dunsany, Time and the Gods 

Would say more, but I have a week of job training to do this week, so I might not be blogging much until the weekend.  Ciao.


Fabio Fernandes said...

Congrats for the interview! Very funny! (Hope that was the intention! :)

Larry Nolen said...

Well, I have to say Tibor, Romeu, and Luis Filipe made it so, which is fine by me :D

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