The OF Blog: Some planned reads (and possible reviews) for the next few weeks

Friday, August 20, 2010

Some planned reads (and possible reviews) for the next few weeks

Here are some of the books I hope to read (and in several cases, review) over the next 4-6 weeks or so, not counting the Gollancz Masterworks books I'll continue to read and review here and at the SFF Masterworks blog.  This first picture is for my Spanish and Portuguese books that I have yet to finish reading.  Expect at least a review of Fábio Fernandes' book by Sunday at the latest.

Two short story collections that Brendan Connell has sent me will be read and hopefully reviewed this weekend.  Nice mixture of the old and recent here as well, no?

You just wish you had these books to read and enjoy, don't you?  Am partway into the Pollack and it is quite good.  The Natalie Zemon Davis non-fiction I know is great (I first read it for a class in 1993), and I've read excerpts of Grimmelshausen's classic 17th century novel.  The Morris I'm going to start shortly.

The Flight graphic anthology series is usually solid to very good and I have hopes that the seventh volume will continue that strong tradition.  The Delany may have to wait a bit until another book in the sequence arrives.  The Beagle will be sampled here and there; the reprinted stories that I have read before are very good.  And I am looking forward to the final volume of D.M. Cornish's YA series, which has been very good so far.

Look again at these pictures.  How about you pick one book from each picture and suggest which ones might need more immediate "love" from me.  Curious to see the responses.


Chad Hull said...

I was aware that the Beagle collection was of reprints, but as I don't own any of the stories, I've been looking forward to that one for awhile.

Nick said...


No particular reason for the choices. I'd be interested in a review of the Morris.

Hélène said...

I would be interested in a review of Morris too. I haven't read anything of him and know him only by his other works.

Larry Nolen said...

I'm 6 chapters into the Morris. It will be reviewed within the next week, I hope.

Paul said...

Kafka, Bloom and our friend Fabio of course. ;)

Larry Nolen said...

Patience, grasshopper! All in due time! :P

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