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Monday, August 23, 2010

Who is this writer?

Quotes from the introduction to a famous book, with slight edits in order to remove the author's identity:

"These books baffled contemporary critics who were used to the conventions of realist fiction."

"They were particularly critical of the language used in the books."

One critic wrote "that the quasi-archaic vocabulary was 'only preserved from general derision by the author's evident and pathetic conviction that he is doing the right thing.'"

This author said that his works "should not be read as allegories."

And this author is "now rightly acknowledged as 'the man who invented fantasy.'"

Have any idea who this author might be?


Ian Sales said...


Larry Nolen said...

Tolkien was barely able to speak when this author died.

Eric M. Edwards said...

William Morris.


Larry Nolen said...

Was it so obvious after the comments I made last week? :P

Eric M. Edwards said...

I don't remember the comments last week.

I just recognized the quote about the father of fantasy, though I can't recall exactly from *where* so perhaps...but I think it's something I read quite a while ago.



redhead said...

I know my guesses are wrong, but from reading the hints my first thought was Tolkein, then Gene Wolfe.

kissoon said...

George MacDonald?

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