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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Revisiting my 2010 goals

Back in January, I wrote a post about my 2010 plans:

1.  To read much more short fiction, collected and uncollected alike, than I have in previous years.  I think this is a safe bet.

Even though BAF 4 fell through in the summer, by then I had already read stories in several dozen magazines and lit journals.  Goal accomplished.

2.  To review at least a half-dozen authors I have never reviewed before.

I reviewed dozens of authors for the first time this year.  Goal accomplished.

3.  To continue concentrating on books, authors, and movements that are not discussed as much (or at all) on the majority of the blogs currently on my Blogroll.

Considering that I've since deleted most of the blogs listed on my Blogroll back in January due to this blog's continued shift away from a SF/F-mostly format, I do believe I've achieved this.  Goal accomplished.

4.  To keep full-time employment long enough to a) travel the Blue Ridge Parkway in June and b) perhaps to finally attend a SF/F convention for the first time ever.  Most likely bet, if such a thing were to come to pass, would be the WFC, since it's only a 4-5 hour drive for me and I ought to have some vacation time then (provided, of course, that I don't change jobs, which is a 50/50 proposition right now).

I was laid off in March and while I worked part-time from August-November, I'm still several months away from having the money set aside for either goal.  Goal not accomplished.

5.  To begin some needed lifestyle changes that hopefully will leave me free of most of the nagging pains that I've had the past few years (resigned to the fact that my neck and lower back, with the four bulging disks from my 2003 auto accident, will continue to hurt on occasion for the rest of my life).  Perhaps I'll finally achieve the goal I set for myself in my early 20s of benching more than 300 lbs. with free weights (personal best was 270 in 1998, just before I turned 24).

Very much a work-in-progress that will take more than a single year or two to accomplish.  Goal still within reach.

6.  To continue writing op-ed pieces for this blog and also for other venues, both in English and for translation into other languages.

I have had several pieces translated, from Spanish to Portuguese to an upcoming piece for a Dutch-language magazine.  Goal accomplished.

7.  Related to #6:  To strive to improve awareness and communication between various national spec fic communities.  This includes trying to help non-Anglophone writers to have more of their stories translated into English...and perhaps to make various authors/critics aware of what's going on outside their own national regions.

I just had samples of Brazilian and Portuguese steampunk fiction translated into English and posted at Beyond Victoriana earlier this month, so that alone meets the requirements here.  Goal accomplished.

8.  To observe Squirrel Appreciation Day this year.  I've been slack in my observance, to say the least, and the rodent overlords are not pleased...

The squirrels were fed and consequently, there have been many more squirrels around the house this year.  Goal accomplished.

9.  To write a more comprehensive 2010 in Review series of posts compared to years past.

Starting Sunday, you will see essays on various topics in place of strict lists.  Expect 1-3 of them daily from Sunday-Friday.  Goal about to be accomplished.

Not too bad, if I say so myself.  My 2011 goals will be different in some ways, especially in light of what I decided back in October.


Amy said...

You've done really well with your goals! Everything within your control you've accomplished or will soon. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Yay. Very much looking forward to your end of year summaries of 2010.

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