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Friday, December 09, 2011

Things to do to keep myself occupied

Can't go into details due to confidentiality laws, but as of this afternoon, I find myself lacking work in my day job (teaching at a residential treatment center) for the next 90 days or so.  No fault of my own, just a series of unfortunate events elsewhere.  I could apply for a transfer out of state, but that is unlikely, but again, I have a bit of free time that I've desperately wanted for several months now.


Here are some tentative plans: 

  1. Read and review more of the Library of America editions I'm collecting.
  2. Write more commentary pieces, even if it means some people will disagree vociferously.
  3. Translate a short story from Spanish into English that to my knowledge has never been published in translation before.
  4. Write a few more critical analysis pieces.
  5. Review more books from non-Anglophone countries.
  6. Promote Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21)
  7. Review the remaining novels by Umberto Eco that I have yet to review.

That, along with some recreational plans, should keep me active enough until I return to work.  Fear the squirrels' minion, as he has hoarded many nu...err, books, that will be unleashed on the unsuspecting.


James said...

Something tells me you might get into some trouble if you unleash your nuts on the unsuspecting.

Lsrry said...

Indeed. See above post ;)

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