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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year-end used, foreign, and leatherbound book porn

In case I ever decide to learn Chinese, I'm collecting both parts of an Introductory level textbook.  Romanian dictionary is for the very few Romanian books I have (two).  Also pictured is an Italian history of late 17th century battles between the Habsburgs and the Ottomans and Helen Oyeyemi's first novel.
The title page to one of the volumes of Chekhov's writings.  Notice the stamp on this page.

Spines for the second and third volumes of Lermontov's dramas (the first wasn't there), along with three volumes of Chekhov's work.

At a different bookstore, one that carries limited-edition/antique books, I bought the Franklin Library edition of Charles Darwin's most famous work, an Easton Press edition of three of Ibsen's plays.  The Library of America American Poets' Project edition of Amy Lowell's poems was purchased elsewhere, at my favorite used bookstore earlier in the day.

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