The OF Blog: A summer reading/reviewing challenge I'm undertaking

Thursday, June 05, 2014

A summer reading/reviewing challenge I'm undertaking

Now that I am only working one job, for the summer at least, and have just begun an online Elementary French course, it's got to be the perfect time for undertaking a time-specific reading/reviewing challenge, right?

Starting this weekend and lasting until mid-July, I want to review at least 40 works, many of which will be 2014 releases.  I have a backlog of reviews to write from this 2014 releases post I wrote back in January (and regularly update as upcoming releases come to my attention), plus there will be some books and/or poems that I will cover for the World Cup of Fiction posts during June-July.  I have about 2-4 hours of "free time" and I think that, if motivated, I could achieve this goal and help make others aware of interesting stories and poetry from around the globe.

And if I don't succeed?  Well, the squirrels have been watching me closely recently and I fear it might get ugly...

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