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Monday, June 16, 2014

Updated Foreign Language Library Totals

Decided to do my yearly count of print and e-book editions that I have in languages over than English.  Not counting my collection of Bibles (I'll add those separately at the bottom of the post), there were 23 languages and over 1000 books/ebooks in languages other than English.  Here are the breakdowns by language and by print/e-book editions:

Spanish - 573 print books/63 e-books/636 total

French - 273 print books/53 e-books/326 total

German - 126 print books/5 e-books/131 total

Italian - 63 print books/57 e-books/120 total

Portuguese - 58 print books/45 e-books/103 total

Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian - 45 print books/4 e-books/49 total

Latin - 20 print books/5 e-books/25 total

Greek - 9 print books/5 e-books/14 total

Russian - 9 print books/1 e-book/10 total

Romanian - 4 print books/6 e-books/10 total

Catalan - 2 print books/3 e-books/5 total

Persian - 4 print books/0 e-books/4 total

Polish - 3 print books/1 e-book/4 total

Arabic - 3 print books/0 e-books/3 total

Irish -  2 print books/0 e-books/2 total

Zulu - 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Slovenian - 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Hindi - 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Urdu - 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Hungarian - 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Swedish - 0 print books/1 e-book/1 total

Dutch - 0 print books/1 e-book/1 total

Galician - 0 print books/1 e-book/1 total

1450 total non-English books, with 1199 print volumes and 251 e-book editions.  Now for the Bible editions, leaving out the English versions:

Greek - 3 print/0 e-book/3 total

Latin - 2 print/1 e-book/3 total

Spanish - 2 print/0 e-book/2 total

Hebrew - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Haitian - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Serbian - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Russian - 2 print/0 e-book/2 total

Portuguese - 1 print/1 e-book/2 total

Romanian - 1 print/1 e-book/2 total

German - 1 print/1 e-book/2 total

French - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Czech - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Turkish - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Indonesian - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Persian - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Gullah - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Dutch - 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Coptic - 0 print/1 e-book/1 total

Italian - 0 print/1 e-book/1 total

19 different languages for either the New Testament, Old Testament, or both.  28 total books, with 22 print editions and 6 e-book editions.

I have too many of my English-language books boxed up for me to even think about counting them, but if I had to guesstimate, I would there are around 1200-1500 print volumes in English to go with the 521 English-language e-books that I do currently have on my various iOS devices.  Somewhere near 40% of my total libraries being non-English works pleases me, even though it'll be quite some time before I tackle the majority of these books.  But one day...yes, one day, I shall, or so I shall dream of hoping to do so.


Meytal Radzinski said...

Is there a way to show absolute bug-eyed shock, amazement and admiration in the form of typed letters? Because that's my expression right now. And I thought my stock of Hebrew books (with a handful of German texts tossed in) was impressive!

...I was wrong. Hattiest of hat-tips to you.

Lsrry said...

Thanks! I am lucky to have a very good used bookstore nearby in a large city (Nashville) that has several universities, so there are hundreds of used foreign language lit books traded in constantly. The majority are priced under $2, so I've managed to buy probably 2/3 of my total collection (or in most cases, use the store credit I get for trading in English-language books I no longer want) on the cheap.

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