The OF Blog: Recent releases that I would love to see translated into English

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Recent releases that I would love to see translated into English

I have been reading a lot more this year in in languages other than English.  Although I have not reviewed the majority of the books that I have read, there certainly have been some gems that I would love to see translated into English so that I could more readily recommend them to others.  Here are a few titles released in the past five years or so that I'd love to see made available in English translation:


Valter Hugo Mãe, O filho do mil homens

José Luiz Passos, O sonâmbulo amador

João Tordo, As tres vidas

Ondjaki, Os transparentes

David Soares, O Evangelho do Enforcado


Pierre Lemaitre, Au revoir là-haut

Gilles Leroy, Alabama Song

Estelle Faye, Porcelaine


Giorgio Pressburger, Nel Regno Oscuro and its sequel, Storia Umana e Inumana

Antonio Scurati, Il Padre Infedele

Marco Magini, Come fossi solo

Elisa Ruotolo, Ovunque, proteggici

Donatella di Pietrantonio, Bella Mia


Edmundo Paz Soldán, Iris

Javier Negrete, La hija del nilo

I am certain that I am missing quite a bit myself, so maybe if any reading this who've read recent works in these languages (and others) can suggest titles that they wish English readers could read in translation?


Liviu said...

From Spanish, the books of S. Posteguillo (Scipio trilogy which is complete and the Trajan trilogy of which the 2nd volume was published last fall - read all 5 and loved them), while from French the upcoming L'Ile du Point Nemo by JM Blas de Robles of the Tigers book

Another French one that I want to check out is Matthias Enard Rue de Voleurs (Street of Thieves), companion to Zone - the one sentence 500 page novel that was acclaimed a few years back - which will be published in English in August

Larry Nolen said...

Tempting, especially the Spanish ones. Thanks!

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