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Friday, November 14, 2014

Well, the stone is gone now...

I had an ureteroscopy done this morning for a left kidney stone (8 mm) that had caused some swelling in that kidney.  Turns out that if I had paid attention when I woke up a little before 5 AM, I would have seen the crush remnants of it in the toilet, as I somehow passed it without realizing it (my dad noticed the particles remaining even after I flushed).  So yeah, I had to endure having a stent left in me for the weekend.  Not a fun feeling, that sense of pissing fire and seeing blood come out with the urine.  At least I have some really nice painkillers for the weekend.

But I also have things to write.  As I said in my last post, I've managed to do a lot of reading lately and I do plan on attempting to write 2 reviews/day for the rest of the month, starting either later this weekend or Monday at the latest.  I do have about two dozen books already read that need some sort of commentary written for them.  One of the latest, read today before the procedure, is Phil Klay's National Book Award-nominated Redeployment.  It is a fantastic read and might just be my personal favorite of the five Fiction finalists.  I'll write more about it tomorrow or Sunday.

Also started reading Steven Erikson's Willful Child this morning and finished the first 200 pages or so before leaving for the surgery.  It actually made me chortle a bit, something that rarely happens when I'm reading.  Finally, I hope to review Julia Elliott's excellent debut collection, The Wilds.  This year has been an excellent one for collections and this is one of the best of that fine crop.

Now to sit back and enjoy the haze...


Bill said...
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Bill said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about the unnecessary stent.

I loved The Wilds. Look forward to your take on it. My overall reaction to this year's short story collections is more mixed; loved the Minor and Moore, disappointed in the Antrim and Justin Taylor. Recommendations appreciated.


Larry Nolen said...

Stent would have still been necessary, in that I had fluid buildup in my left kidney and there was a risk of inflammation and infection if the passage closed up after the stone broke in the urethra.

Haven't read the Antrim, but I had a similar reaction to the Taylor (I'll review it later this month). As for other collections:

Margaret Atwood, Stone Mattress

Paula Bomer, Inside Madeleine

Lydia Davis, can't and won't

Adam Wilson, What's Important is Feeling

David James Poissant, The Heaven of Animals

Antonya Nelson, Funny Once

Elizabeth McCracken, Thunderstruck & Other Stories

Lorrie Moore, Bark

Ben Marcus, Leaving the Sea

Rivka Galchen, American Innovations

Sean Ennis, Catch Us

William T. Vollmann, Last Stories and Other Stories

Jac Jemc, A Different Bed Every Time

Paul Theroux, Mr. Bones

Those are the other collections I've read this year, besides the Elliott and Taylor. I'd recommend almost all of them (none I really disliked, but a few I had more mixed reactions to).

Bill said...

Thanks! I forgot the Ben Marcus; my favorite of his books that I've read. Not so fond of the Poissant, had some trouble with the Vollmann.

Will definitely check out the Galchen and Atwood, and look up reviews for the others.


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