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Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Sidebar Category: Interviews

Since I'm in the middle of porting over quite a few more earlier interviews that I and others at wotmania have done over the years, thought it might be best to create an Interviews category in my sidebar. Yes, I know there are a few authors with multiple interviews over the years and that in some cases, I split the interview into two parts, but I like to think that by labeling the month/year, it ought to cut down on some of the confusion.

Within the next week or so, there should be another 20-30 added. Since I'm creating a category for these, I'm going to have future ported interviews carrying their original post dates, so if there suddenly seem to be more entries for 2003, 2004, and 2005, that's why. Figured that would save on the clutter on the front page as I do all this. So please be sure to keep looking at the Interviews bar for more interviews and Q&As!

Oh, and as a special tip, be sure to look for the two-part Hal Duncan interview to be posted within the hour.

Update: Since I have little to do this afternoon, I went ahead and ported over all the remaining interviews. I still have about a half-dozen Q&As to edit into interview format, but after those are done, every single interview or Q&A ever posted at wotmania will either be on this blog or at Neth Space. While there are a few that I helped with that I didn't add here (since they are available at other sites, plus I wasn't the primary interviewer), the current total of 63 links to interviews/Q&As ought to provide plenty of reading material for those who missed these originally being posted on wotmania over the past 6 years.


billectric said...

Man, you've done a lot of interviews!

Larry said...

That's not just me, but about a half-dozen others at wotmania as well over the years, but I think I've done around half of them (all but a couple since April 2007, if memory serves). Still, that's around 30 or so and I have a few planned for the next few months as well :D

Fábio said...

I liked at lot this new feature! Will peruse these interviews soon!

Larry said...

Great! :D Now back to working on my current one and arranging for a few more.

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