The OF Blog: So the "final" WoT novel has been split into three volumes

Monday, March 30, 2009

So the "final" WoT novel has been split into three volumes

Press Release

Brandon Sanderson's comments

Don't have much time now to say anything at length, but rather than griping about "broken promises" or "greedy publishers" as some might be tempted to do (or have done on their blogs), I think what Sanderson's comments reveal more than anything else is how the various departments work with/against each other in the crafting of a manuscript into a finished product. Not to mention the influence that booksellers wield in determining what books are published/sold in their stores. So while none of this is surprising (after all, Tristam Shandy was originally published in several volumes, so this is a quite old practice), it is illuminating on several levels.

Thoughts on this announcement?

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Elena said...

what this says to me has less to do with the publishers and their greed and more to do with the absolute lack of control that RJ had over this series by the end. maybe even he couldn't have actually wrapped it up in 1 volume. i know we'll never know, but honestly that wouldn't surprise me either. i gave up after #9 didn't have a single chapter about mat. um, wasn't he one of the main characters and shit? yeah. so this just feels like more of the same yawning overgrown mass of details and complications and endlessly self-replicating plot twists that make the whole series more of a fractal and less of a story....

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