The OF Blog: The dangers of showering in the humid South

Monday, June 15, 2009

The dangers of showering in the humid South

Yes, I had the lovely experience of getting in the shower the other day, only to see something that shouldn't be there, just a couple of inches away from my left shoulder. While I didn't freak out and I did finish my shower before taking this picture, thought I'd just show pictures of creatures more alien than most anything ever depicted inside of a SF story, a creature that can feed on even the most hardy of fungi.

Yes, there are two pictures of a common garden slug here. How the damn thing managed to crawl into the house (one that is just above a wetlands area, so there is sufficient moisture there for these creatures) and into the shower is beyond me.

What happened to it after this picture was taken? It is now part of the local septic tank ecosystem. I'm not that bleeding-heart, you know...


TK42ONE said...

And that would have creeped me out enough to stop my shower and scrub it before continuing. Spiders are scary, but slugs are gross.

Terry Weyna said...


Larry said...

I guess after a lifetime of worrying about ticks...and spiders...that a slug can't freak me out enough to get out of the shower before I'm done. A bee or wasp? Yes, those will drive me running for several yards at least, but a slug isn't suddenly going to jump on me, now is it?

Is it?

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