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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Interesting things from non-Anglophone countries

Here's a sampling of what you're missing (and if this is Spanish and Portuguese-heavy, it's because I understand those languages better than Romanian, Swedish, or German):


The 42nd iteration of a Fantasy/Horror cinema convention in the Catalonia region of Spain is set for October 2-12 at Stiges.

Arañas, a Spanish-language anthology devoted to the feelings provoked by seeing/coming into contact with spiders, has an interesting line-up. Might import this one later.

Interesting bit on Samuel Delany and his "return" to Science Fiction.

Breves no tan breves

Flash fiction written in Spanish, with several good stories utilizing this form.


Swedish-language SF anthology coming out from FEL, with contributors cited. Wonder if any of these will later be translated into English or Spanish, since I can barely understand Swedish.

Destripando Terrones

Review of Mario Benedetti's Pedro y el Capitán that's a bit intriguing to me.

Letra e Video

Portuguese version of one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs.


Short bit on a bookfair that features several Millenium Press translations into the Romanian of works by Anglophone SF/F writers.

Noticias ciencia-ficción

Fabricantes de sueños, which looks to be an interesting Spanish-language anthology, comes out in Spain on June 30. Might have to order this one as well, even if it'll cost me an arm and a leg in shipping/custom fees.

Mundos desconocidos, another Spanish-language anthology, this time containing several stories from the 2007 Premio Andrómeda. Looks interesting.

XVII Certamen Universitario de Relato Breve Fántastico
was recently announced in Alava, Spain. Winners include Argentine Dueño de nada (Owner of Nothing) in the Spanish-language category and in the Euskerra language category, Oksia Zalakain Ederra won with Sagar erreak Zuhaitzean zintzilik (I don't understand Euskerra/Basque, so no translation of the title).

Alejandro Guardiola's Sombras de una Vieja Raza was a finalist for the third Premio Minotauro awarded this year. Might have to look into this one.

And while I may edit this later (I have to be somewhere in 40 minutes and have to start getting ready now) to include interesting bits from the remaining few sites in my non-English blogroll, feel free to link to other non-Anglophone sites that have things of interest for readers here.

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