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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Facts and figures about 2009's reads #101-200

Finished read #200 tonight. Here are a few things to compare with the first 100 reads:

  • Although still very low for me compared to previous years, the number of female authors read in this 100 comprise 14% of the total
  • 17% of the books read were in Spanish and an additional 4% were in Italian
  • 31% were re-reads
  • 8% were books read in English translation from the original German, Hebrew, Italian, and Portuguese
  • 12% have a ©2009 notice
  • 1% is poetry from the 20th century and is by a Catholic priest
  • 2% of the books were written by the current Pope
  • 9% were anthologies or short story collections
  • 16% were graphic novels or illustrated stories
  • 0% are by authors whose debut work was released in 2009
  • The 200th book was China Miéville's The City & The City, which was a surprisingly disappointing read for me, since I've enjoyed his other fiction much more than I enjoyed reading this novel.

And those are the facts and figures for now. Might do the same whenever I reach 300 books read for this year.


Alan said...

I didn't much like the Miéville either. The prose was fairly lifeless, and the characterization absent.

Liviu said...

I am at 129 books for 09, though I do not count re-reads unless there is something very different about them (different language vs first read, or big time reassessment of the book)

I re-read quite a few books several times, most recently Nights of Villjamur (originally read twice when I got my pdf rv copy in March, and now re-read on getting the hc)

About 70+ are 2009 releases including quite a few debuts

Of the 122 authored books (leaving aside anthologies)the split is 82-40 male/female, assuming of course that KJ Parker is of gender F (read 7 novels by her so far in 09) and knowing that despite the name, Morgan Howell is of gender M (read 4)

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