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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


While I have a few books that I "have" to finish soon for reviews here and elsewhere, found myself getting captivated by this little 200 novel by Bolivian-now-Cornell Professor Edmundo Paz Soldán called Los vivos y los muertos. Released a little over a month ago in the US, this Spanish-language novel tells the story of a few deaths in a small upstate New York town from the PoVs of several of those closest to those who've died. Paz Soldán so far, 1/3 in, has nailed the teen PoVs, their thoughts, worries, and concerns. This has the potential to be one of the better reads in any language for me this year, at least for 2009 releases.

Too bad an English translation is unlikely, since I don't think many, if any, of his previous works (which I've read and enjoyed) have been translated into English.


Gonzalo B said...

I believe that at least Turing's Delirium has been translated. It should be easy to get.

Lsrry said...

Yeah, I thought there might be 1 or 2 of his works that had been published in English translation, but I wasn't for sure. Shame that more isn't available, since so many of his stories revolve around life in the US, sometimes told from immigrant perspectives.

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