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Monday, January 23, 2012

Some people seem to think that I hate epic/heroic fantasies...

Rarely does a month go by that somewhere, whether it be on this blog, on a few forums that I frequent, or even via email that I receive reader queries/responses wondering why I don't seem to like epic (or heroic) fantasies as much as they or the next person do.

It is a fair question and it has been on my mind lately, but when some inquisitive soul, who hails from the place named "abandoned fields" in the local Apalachee language, decided to mail me the response below, well I had to say something.

Dear near-the-sea fungi lover, I really don't write most of the reviews that you see.  As I said two years ago, I leave most of the review writing (and all of the epic/heroic fantasy reviews) to my highly-trained Serbian reading squirrels.  They were a bit busy reading Eric Basso's poetry to respond in full, but they did allow for representations of them to pose with a message for this reader:

Hope this clears up any confusion.  The squirrels, although not bear-friendly, do enjoy weirdness and they hope that others will go rabid and become one with the squirrels...even if it means not loving every single epic/heroic fantasy out there.


dragonb said...

very nice!

I find that it depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm in the mood for heroic fantasy, sometimes I'm not.

I also find that too much of specific types too close together causes me to not be as excited and want to steer clear of a type for a while.

For example, I just read 2 Neal Stephenson. (Snow Crash and Interface) While both were very good, I think I'm going to wait a while before reading any more Stephenson. Too much is just too much.

James said...

So, you get ten points for shooting high and missing the squirrel, but none for a head shot? This target seems strangely squirrel friendly.

Lsrry said...

I burn out quickly if I have to read the same types of writing over and over again in a short amount of time, so I agree with your comment on Stephenson, who exhausts me mentally when I read his works.

And yes, all things ultimately can be squirrel-friendly ;)

Cursed Armada said...

This was a very bizarre post... I would be kind of weirded out if I were you! Also, just curious but do you by chance breed those Serbian reading squirrels? I would love one..

Lsrry said...

No, I wasn't weirded out as much as I was laughing for quite some time when I opened the envelope. I know who sent it (the clues are in the last couple of pictures and the translations of that person's name and place of residence) and it is in response to something he posted last weekend on his blog. Just an inside joke :D

As for breeding the Serbian squirrels, no, they are too wild and vicious to be bred selectively. They just breed the readers with whom they exist in an symbiotic reading state.

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