The OF Blog: 2007 World Fantasy Awards Winners Just Announced

Sunday, November 04, 2007

2007 World Fantasy Awards Winners Just Announced

Credit must be given to Cheryl Morgan of Science Fiction Awards Watch for live reports of the winners:

Special Award, Non-Professional: Gary K Wolfe (for reviews and criticism in Locus and elsewhere).

Special Award, Professional: Ellen Asher (for work at SFBC).

Best Artist: Shaun Tan.

Best Collection: Map of Dreams, M. Rickert (Golden Gryphon).

Best Anthology: Salon Fantastique, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds. (Thunder’s Mouth).

Best Short Fiction: “Journey Into the Kingdom”, M. Rickert (F&SF 5/06).

Best Novella: “Botch Town”, Jeffrey Ford (The Empire of Ice Cream, Golden Gryphon).

Best Novel: Soldier of Sidon, Gene Wolfe (Tor).

Congratulations are certainly in order for these winners. Personally, it was nice to see I was very close to nailing the winners for the Best Collection and Best Novel categories, and I'm certainly pleased to see that Shaun Tan received the award for Best Artist after his outstanding The Arrival graphic novel was released in the US last month. "Botch Town" certainly one of the highlights of Jeffrey Ford's The Empire of Ice Cream and M. Rickert's "Journey into the Kingdom" was also outstanding, so I cannot help but to agree with the choices among those I have read. I certainly shall look into reading Salon Fantastique in the very near future.

Now I guess now the earliest guessing of who will win the 2008 WFAs will soon be upon us. Anyone reading this have any guesses as to whom might be a finalist?

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