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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Simply the Best

L.E. Modesitt has complained about there being just too many damn categories within fiction and perhaps too many damn "best of" categories to boot. He then goes on to imply that the decline of Western Civilization (no, not the punk movie of that name) or more specifically, the decline in reading, is somehow directly related to there just being too many damn divisions of fiction.

While at another time, I might half-agree with the notion that genre divisions are little more than marketing tools, this time I just cannot help but to disagree. And since choosing a "Best of" is by its nature a very subjective thing and since there are quite a few worthy "flavors" out there that are being recognized by writers and critics in many fields/genres, I thought I'd close this short thread with a simple video:

Be thankful - I had considered finding one of those beer commercials for "so here's to you, Mr. I put on too much cologne" or something along those lines. But I think Tina might be better on the eyes and ears...

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