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Monday, November 12, 2007

Seems like some are really "confessing" their feelings this week...

Over at Westeros, many of the "regulars" in a series of Terry Goodkind-bashing threads (up to XXX) are doing a "Tairy-themed Avatar Week" in "honor" of the release of the purportedly final volume of his Sword of Truth series. While I don't mind a bit of teasing, something tells me that photoshopped images such as the one below might not be the easiest of things to explain to those who are not aware of the myriad in-jokes made at Goodkind's expense over "noble goats" (from the ill-regarded seventh volume, The Pillars of Creation, which has a "noble" goat named Betty in it) or the "almost rape" theme which seems to run throughout most of the series (usually it is the protagonist's female lead, the Confessor Kahlan, who comes close to being raped multiple times in the novel). But with that in mind and in no way urging people to get graphic in their mockery of Goodkind, here is an image that I copied from a poster's avatar and enlarged:

This might be pushing things a bit too far, but for those reading this who know the history behind such jokes, it might also be a tad funny as well. I'm just posting this as the most extreme example of the "Tairy Bashing" images that I hope to endure seeing. I'm just praying that the series will "end," that the related stories apparently planned that will star some of the SoT characters will fall flat, and that this series can be banished to Gor Land, where it certainly belongs, in my opinion at least.

Until then, expect to hear of more "almost rape" jokes involving "noble goats" and other such matters that touch upon "important human themes."

Edit: For those wanting to see some "important human themes," I provide you with a much more eye-appealing avatar, again taken from a regular there and enlarged:



Anonymous said...

What, no mention of evil chickens?

Lsrry said...

Well, I guess it's a bit harder to put a yeard on a chicken that isn't a chicken? :P

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