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Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 in Review: Schedule of Posts

Been very busy finishing up a final few reads to determine whether or not some books will be worthy of discussion in various categories over the next four days.  Like last year, there will be several posts devoted to reflective essays about books in certain categories that I read and enjoyed the most.  This year, there are 10 categories and while I may merge a couple if time becomes pressing, I do hope to make 2-4 posts a day based on this tentative schedule:

12/28 - YA Fiction, Graphic Novels, Debut Novels

12/29- Non-Fiction, Mimetic Fiction, Translated Fictions, Fictions Read in Spanish and Portuguese

12/30 - Anthologies, Short Story Collections

12/31 - 25 Favorite Fictions of 2009

In addition, if I have time/energy, I might also make a separate post of 25-50 pre-2009 fictions read this year that I think are worthy of greater consideration from readers.  Hopefully, these lists will provide the most comprehensive coverage of 2009 releases of any that you might read this year.  If not, name the blog(s) that does/do a better job and I'll work harder next year to out-do those as well!

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