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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Party Fun

Ah, small-scale office Christmas parties are the best, especially if you have compatible personalities (read:  wicked senses of humor) with your co-workers.  Above is a picture of a cast-iron squirrel given to me because of my (shared) love of those adorably evil rodents.  Below is a picture of my boss and two of my co-workers.  He is wearing a zebra-striped Snuggie that I bought him as a gag gift (I gave serious gifts as well):

Don't you wish you could have as much fun at your Christmas party this year?  By the way, notice the little ornament above my boss's head...


Eileen said...

I saw the Snuggie on a list of Worst Christmas Presents Ever. I hope that wasn't your boss.

I got a Christmas bonus! MUCH better than your silly squirrel!

Lsrry said...

Yes, that's my boss and he laughed when he saw it. He also got a gift card from me, so a gag gift is okay in those situations, no? ;)

Well, I got to keep my job, so that has to be the best of all, right? :P

Fabio Fernandes said...

Don´t you love it when your boss has a sense of humor...? (if only mine had one!!) :-D

Lsrry said...

He's usually very cantankerous, Fábio, which makes him wearing this all the more fun! :D I printed out this picture and showed it to the residents and they about died laughing, especially after I then made it into a holiday card for the place and wrote lines about him "having more mad rhymes than Lil' Wayne," which about had them rolling when they read that :D

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